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“The Edge of Words” dance company KINGYO (Yukio Suzuki)

2009.6.15 (Mon.) -
2009.6.28 (Sun.)


Period :
2009.6.15 (Mon.)〜2009.6.28 (Sun.)

Winner of the Toyota Choreography Award 2008

Residency Period: Jun 15 [Mon] - Jun 28 [Sun], 2009
Performances: Jun 27 [Sat], 28 [Sun], 2009

Yukio SUZUKI is an up-and-coming choreographer currently attracting well-deserved attention. Winner of the Toyota Choreography Award’s “Next Generation Choreographer Prize” (Grand Prix) for 2008, he and his dance company KINGYO (Goldfish) are in residence in Kanazawa for two weeks in June to create an all-new dance. They are to perform their creation at the Theater 21 on their final weekend.