Japan-Korea-UK Co-production


2013.11.28(Thu) - 2013.12.8(Sun)



2013.11.28(Thu) - 2013.12.8(Sun)


Theater 21/ 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
and Tatemachi Street


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¥2,000/Limited ticket(For reservation call 076-220-2811)
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21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
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A Japan-Korea-UK co-production presented by 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, The Museum of Art, Kochi, and Asian Arts Theater of Asian Cultute Complex (Gwangju, Korea).
Interweaving live performance with film and new technologies, the production will orchestrate the entire space of the building or site. It is being created by British theater company, dreamthinkspeak artistic director Tristan SHARPS, who is known for walk-through performances that immerse audiences in the world of the artwork, as a collaborative project with artists from all regions of Japan and Korea. Inspired by the May 1980 democratization movement that arose in Gwangju, Korea, the production is a universal story influenced by themes of freedom and liberation. It will open in Gwangju in September before traveling to Kochi and Kanazawa in November and December.
A production that will transcend the theatre framework and uncover new performing arts potential―in the context of regional cities.

Commissioned by Asian Culture Complex / The Museum of Art, Kochi / 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

Created by dreamthinkspeak
Produced by Institute of Asian Cultural Development / The Museum of Art, Kochi /21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa / AsiaNow / dreamthinkspeak

See related websites for more information.
http://onedaymaybe.com (English/Korean)
http://onedaymaybe-jp.com (Japanese)

*The title was revised from "1980/2013" to “ONE DAY, MAYBE”

Podcasting of Project Concept (Japanese)
MARUBI RADIO Report No.17 Theme: Japan-Korea-UK Co-production dreamthinkspeak “1980/2013”

Kanazawa Performance Schedule (13 performances)

  • Thursday November 28, 2013 - Sunday December 8, 2013

    Dates & Time
    16:30 -
    19:30 -
    20:00 -

    ◎Performance & Post Talk (Guest: Tristan Sharps) ●Preview Performance
    *Please come to Theater 21, 30 minutes prior to starting time.


    • "ONE DAY, MAYBE" is a mobile performance in which the audience participate in the performance as they move from Theater 21 to Tatemachi Street.

    • Please come to Theater 21, 30 minutes prior to starting time.

    • Once the performance starts, you are prohibited from entering the theater.

    • Please wear warm outfits since you will be entering a non-operated building.

    • Please contact us if you have walking difficulties or need wheelchairs.

    • Our staff will guide you upon emergency.

    • Age restriction: 6 or older

    Other performances
    Gwangju, Korea
    Date: 3-15 September
    Venue: The former Gwangju Girls High School
    Contact: AsiaNow
    E-MAIL: onedaymaybe@naver.com
    Phone: +82-(0)2-765-6582

    Kochi, Japan
    Date: 2-9 November
    Venue: The Museum of Art, Kochi
    Contact: The Museum of Art, Kochi
    E-MAIL: museum@kochi-bunkazaidan.or.jp
    Phone: +81-(0)88-866-8000

Director’s Note

  • ONE DAY, MAYBE started when I was invited to come to Gwangju and create a new piece of work. Although I was free to choose the subject of this work, it became clear during my first visit to Gwangju in 2011 that the subject had chosen itself.

    The events of May 1980, when the people of Gwangju who demonstrated in the name of Democracy were brutally murdered by the paratroopers in the name of the government, are a key part of South Korea’s history. For me, in 2011, with the ongoing Arab Spring uprisings, these events felt like a key part of the present.

    I realized it would be impossible to create a new piece about anything else.

    However, I would never presume to be an expert on the subject of May 1980. My interest is in exploring the world we live in now through the lens of those tragic events.

    What if those young people who are now dead could step into the shoes of the young people alive today and see the same world that we see? What would they make of the world we now live in? They would see a world where Liberty and Democracy have spread rapidly across a range of countries. Or would they?


    Though dreamthinkspeak have re-created several of our productions around the world, his will be the first time that we have developed an entirely new piece of work from scratch outside of the UK. The core of our dreamthinkspeak team will work alongside Japanese and Korean artists and technicians, which includes a company of 25 performers.

    Tristan Sharps, Artistic Director


  • Created in 1999 by Artistic Director Tristan SHARPS, dreamthinkspeak is internationally recognized as a key producer of site-responsive performance. The work of the company interweaves live performance with film and installations to create extraordinary journeys that are ambitious in scale, visually layered and popular with audiences wherever they are performed. Previous works have taken place in a variety of physical and architectural contexts from an underground abattoir in Clerkenwell, to a disused paper factory in Moscow, to the Old Treasury Building in Perth, Australia. Key productions include WHO GOES THERE? (2001), DON’T LOOK BACK (2003), UNDERGROUND (2005), ABSENT (2009), BEFORE I SLEEP (2010) AND THE REST IS SILENCE (2012) and IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE END (2013).

    In 2010 the company received the Peter Brook / Empty Space Ensemble Award for “adventurous achievement in developing an ensemble of technicians, actors, directors, writers and musicians in surprising sites and venues, in a structure that is innovative in its own right”.

    The company is led and managed by Tristan Sharps, Chris Stafford (Executive Director) and Lucy Godfrey (Producer).


Artist Profile

  • Tristan SHARPS

    Artistic Director, dreamthinkspeak (UK)
    Tristan Sharps formed dreamthinkspeak in Brighton in 1999 to explore how live performance can be communicated through a variety of art-forms. He created and co-directed dreamthinkspeak’s first piece, Who Goes There? in 2000. The following year, DON’T LOOK BACK premiered at the Brighton Festival and has since been recreated in the UK and beyond. UNDERGROUND, inspired by Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment, was commissioned by The Brighton Festival and The Barbican for the BITE:05 Young Genius season. The company’s work is internationally acclaimed and cited as an exemplar of UK site-specific work.

  • CHOI Seok Kyu

    General Producer of this project
    Creative Producer of AsiaNow Productions (Korea)

    Kyu Choi started his professional carrier as a festival manager with a focus on international programming and artist development. He founded AsiaNow productions in 2005 in order to develop, produce and present innovative and exciting Asian contemporary physical theatre, dance and interdisciplinary arts. He also aggressively undertakes international co-productions, and has led them to international acclaim. His activities primarily include the Chuncheon International Mime Festival (CIMF) and an annual performing arts festival for mime, physical theatre, street theatre, contemporary circus and site-specific theatre. Kyu has developed the Creative Producers’ Network in Asia since 2007 and organized the Creative Producers’ Network Forum in Seoul 2009 in association with PAMS (Performing Arts Market in Seoul). He has also worked as a consultant for Korean arts management and theatre development.



Organized by:

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa (Kanazawa Art Promotion and Development Foundation)

Grants from:

Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2013, The lottery grant by Jichi-sogo Center
Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2013, Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities, The Japan-Korea Cultural Foundation
Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Republic of Korea
The Japan Foundation Seoul, British Council

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Hokkoku Shimbun, FM Ishikawa,
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