International Symposium:

Thinking about the Conservation and Restoration of “Mixed Media”






Theater 21/ 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa


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The development of industry since the beginning of the twentieth century has flooded society with a multitude of products that involve the composite use of a variety of materials. Like these products that surround us, and perhaps sometimes to an even greater degree, works of contemporary art may be said to be created out of the mixture and interposition of diverse media (elements including both materials and techniques).
Although contemporary artists continue to apply innovative materials to art in the pursuit of expressive possibilities, we find more than a few instances in which new materials whose physical properties and durability are in the first place unclear have caused unexpected deterioration in artworks, and it is undeniable that the use of composite materials complicates the conservation and restoration of a work. What steps to preserve and care for such so-called “mixedmedia” artworks can we take to ensure their long-term availability to the public?
At this symposium, we bring together specialists involved in art preservation from the US, Hong Kong, and South Korea to think about the conservation and restoration of art collection, drawing inspiration from their own respective practices.


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Time table

  • 10:15–11:45 [Keynote Speech]
    Flavia PERUGINI (Associate Objects Conservator, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston / USA)

    13:30–16:30 [Panel Discussion]
    Flavia PERUGINI (Keynote Speeker)
    Nani LEW (Conservator, Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art / Korea)
    Christel PESME (Conservator, M+ museum Limited / Hong Kong)
    Moderator: Hiroyuki UCHIRO (Conservator, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary
    Art, Kanazawa / Japan)


  • Flavia PERUGINI

    Associate Objects Conservator, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston / USA.
    Flavia Perugini has been a conservator for 25 years and has worked at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts since 2006. At the Museum she is responsible for the preservation and display of time-based media, kinetic art, light based art, sculpture and contemporary art installations. In the last two years she has organized two workshops at the Museum: the VoCA (Voices of Contemporary Art) Artist Interview Workshop, attended by internal and national colleagues; a Time-based Media workshop run by Christine Frohnert, of Bek & Frohnert LLC, to address acquisition, documentation, storage, and preservation of electronic media.

  • Nani LEW

    Conservator, Modern & Contemporary Art, Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul / KOREA.
    Nani Lew is the Senior Conservator at Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art. She graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts in Japan, gained M.A. and PhD in the field of paintings conservation. She worked as a Conservator of Modern and Contemporary Art at Hoam
    Museum of Art until Leeum, the new museum opened in 2004. Between the two positions she volunteered for 4 years at the Conservation Center at H.R.C. (Harry Ransom Humanity Research Center) where she built up many experiences in paper conservation. Currently she is in charge of both modern and contemporary art including large scale outdoors sculptures. Also study on early Korean oil paintings’ materials and techniques is one of her focused area of research.

  • Christel PESME

    Conservator, M+ Museum Limited / Hong Kong.
    Christel Pesme is the Senior Conservator at M+. She graduated from the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and worked as a Paper Conservator at the Balboa Art Conservation Center in San Diego before joining the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) in Los Angeles. Working in the Preventive Conservation Research Group in the GCI science department, she specialised in preventive conservation issues, focusing specifically on museum lighting policy development. She recently moved to Hong Kong to help develop conservation and preservation activities at M+.


Organized by:

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa (Kanazawa Art Promotion and Development Foundation)

Grants from:
Pola Art Foundation, U.S.Consulate General Osaka-Kobe