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21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, kanazawa



21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa offers educational programs for audiences of all ages, from small children to adults. As a museum that collects and exhibits contemporary art, the Museum endeavors to develop programs that give participants experiences of lasting value and opportunities to think about art in contemporary society.


A project of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, launched in 2017. Under the keyword jichi (autonomy), “Jichiku” opens up possibilities of all kinds, thereby creating a place filled with a premonition of “something” new about to be born.
In its first year, “Jichiku” escaped the exhibition venue format by presenting successive “Public Programs (PP)” of live performances, video screenings, talks, and workshops traversing the genres of music, movies, and theater. This it did primarily in the Museum’s Project Room annex.
Since 2018, an Artist in Residence program (AIR) has been added, thereby giving “Jichiku” two main pillars. The AIR program invites artists and creators to undertake research and art production while residing in Kanazawa. Currently the “Kanaiwa-Ono Art Project” is unfolding in the Kanaiwa and Ono districts, where a studio and house have been established as a base for AIR activities. Through “Niwa-bu (Lawn Division)” and “Machi-bu (Town Division)” Public Programs (PP), moreover, the project is promoting exchange and collaboration with the regional community, with the aim of inducing a stimulating chemical change in both artists and the region.


KANAZAWA FRINGE gives a voice to the easily overlooked fringe of society and phenomena. By stepping free from preexisting concepts and formats, it taps the region’s contemporary creative energy and channels it into forms that can be passed down in the region. Artists and creators, invited to this experimental program from Japan and overseas, interactively engage with the issues, people, and places of Kanazawa from their own perspectives. Then, they explore creative expression in performances attuned to the region and the times.

Open Call Support Projects “&21”

Open Call Support Projects “&21” is a program held in Theater 21 aimed at revitalizing regional culture by means of stage arts such as drama, dance, performance, music, and film. Through public recruiting, projects rich in creativity and artistry, conducive of regional exchange and fostering the next generation, are selected.
As a program co-organized with the Museum, the selected projects receive production assistance such as reduced fees for using facilities. They also receive promotional support and support in communicating with the region, such as through informal gatherings with host organizations and like-minded creators in the regional community.
As a result of an annual jury selection process, three projects were chosen in 2016, two in 2017, five in 2018, and four in 2019. All were presented in Theater 21.
For fiscal 2020, public recruiting was held from May 1 to 31 and three projects were selected.

Marubi Art-Complex

“Marubi Art-Complex” is a program giving citizens a role in making the Museum a “town square”—a complex, cross-genre interaction of people, events, and things. Citizens having unique creative skills gather at the art museum for activities in four sections: Café, Market, Performance, and Workshop. In the first half of fiscal 2019, 53 groups are taking part.
The Café features catering vehicles and stalls selling food and beverages, while the Market features individual sales of originally-made items. Both sections put out shops in the Open Space on weekends and holidays. Workshops for making things and enjoying physical expression are held in the Project Room and Media Lab. Performances of music, drama, and dance are also offered in the Open Space. Workshop and Performance activities are held on the second Saturday and Sunday of each month.